NWO-UDW Adaptive Delta Management


Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) offers an internationally promising and innovative perspective to address uncertainty in long term delta planning. This project aims to develop, acculturate, and dissemination ADM in Bangladesh and Indonesia. The research design facilitates the development of a network incorporating a multidisciplinary group of researchers, and practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policymakers in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands. To extend the results to professionals from other deltas worldwide, international ADM courses will be organized by World Water Academy and PAO.

This research focuses on the urgent problem of long-term planning in highly dynamic deltas under deep uncertainty. Adaptive Delta Management (ADM) is considered an innovative approach to cope with this problem, but yet mainly adopted for robust decision-making in developed countries. We will further develop, acculturate, and disseminate ADM to deltas in developing countries with different physical, socio-economic, cultural and governance settings.

We use an interdisciplinary approach at the interface of natural, socio-economic and policy sciences to develop pilot adaptive policy plans in two developing delta regions. Our development and acculturation of ADM will be strengthened and deepened by our comparative perspective on delta management in Indonesia, Bangladesh and The Netherlands.

We will evaluate and disseminate ADM as an innovative approach, both through local researchers and research activities, and through the development and organisation of post-academic courses and master-classes in cooperation with local and Dutch educational institutions.


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